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     The “product configurator” allows the user to “prepare” a product or a service.
The “configurator” allows the user, the representative at the customer site, even the customer himself, to define the product through a guided sequence of phases,
each time verified for technical possibility, that provides in output: a supply list, costs, execution timeframe.

The “product configurator” is a particular kind of software that helps speed quoting process
(and also the development of ordering process thereafter).


Essentially a “Product Configurator” is an intelligent interface between the following:

  a sequence of input data
  a sequence of customer questions
  a list of possible solutions

    and the following output that customer /supplier expects:

  a supply list for the quote (or for the order thereafter)
  detailed with item codes, prices.
  Quoting documents
  Technical data
  Installation instructions
  CAD Drawings
  Equipment dimensions
  Functional diagrams
  Prints, configuration files
  Programs ISO for CNC
  Reuse of pre-existing configurations
  Usable on the WEB

We at have the experience and the technology to analyze,
build and install all kind of “Product Configutators”.

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